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Slopy (SLOPY)

Website: https://slopy.io Twitter: @slopymeme Token contract ETH: 0x28d6CEFDC7a57cB3E2958f61c95B20C76103Fd79 Wrapped Token contract BSC: 0xbA7B6ba6c2FCEbF6Db62F7FcCBEedF179DFaf3Dc Wrapped Token contract TON: EQAONlwFvzmKBosbzHvHBMBpdHMvIO77K7hz4NZA7kqOmf8r Telegram chat: t.me/slopyportal Telegram channel: t.me/slopyeth


Slopy (SLOPY) is a meme token and an innovative character created from the fusion of an axolotl and a dragon. This token is designed to foster a vibrant community while providing a unique royalty system where a commission is awarded random to one of the SLOPY token holders during transaction. Slopy aims to bring creative solutions to the world of cryptocurrency and unite enthusiasts in a fun and engaging manner.

1. Introduction:

Slopy (SLOPY) is a meme token created on the Ethereum blockchain with a dynamic royalty system for holders. Royalties are randomly awarded to holders during transactions. This approach encourages holding token and active participation within the community.

2. Token Specifications:

Name: Slopy

Symbol: SLOPY

Chain: Ethereum

CA: 0x28d6CEFDC7a57cB3E2958f61c95B20C76103Fd79

Total Supply: 888,000,000,000,000

Decimals: 18

Buy/Sell Fee: 0%

Transfer Fee: 0.088% (0% for Master wallet)

3. Slopy - The Memetic Character:

Slopy is a one-of-a-kind meme character created from the fusion of an axolotl and a dragon. It embodies the spirit of fun, creativity, and unity. The token leverages the popularity of meme culture to engage a wider audience within the crypto space.

4. Royalty System:

One of the core features of Slopy is its unique royalty system. During token transfer, a small commission is deducted from the transaction amount and sent to a randomly selected wallet address among the holders of SLOPY tokens. This rewards the holders with additional tokens, incentivizing them to retain and use Slopy tokens actively. In order to receive a commission from transactions, it is necessary to have a certain wallet balance. TIDY Wallet - the wallet status necessary to receive a commission from a transaction.

5. Emission and Distribution:

Slopy has a fixed total supply of 888,000,000,000,000 tokens. The initial distribution occurs through a fair and transparent process, allowing members to participate in the Buy/Sell of tokens. As the emission is fixed, there will never be more SLOPY tokens created beyond the initial supply.

6. Master Wallet:

The Master Wallet is a special wallet status that is exempt from paying transfer fee. Master wallet also receives royalties from transactions randomly, just like the TIDY wallet. To obtain the Master wallet status, the address must hold a certain minimum balance of SLOPY tokens. Additionally, the contract owner has the authority to manually add wallets to the Master wallet list for technical wallets (Exchanges, Dapp, Dev).

7. Community and Innovation:

The primary goal of Slopy is to build a resilient and united community that flourishes through innovative solutions in the crypto space. By incentivizing participation and rewarding token holders, Slopy aims to cultivate a groundbreaking meme community.

8. Tokenomics:

35% DEX LIQUIDITY 10% Development 25% CEX LIQUIDITY 10% Marketing 10% Team 10% Utility

9. Conclusion:

Slopy (SLOPY) is more than just a meme token; it is a symbol of unity, creativity, and fun within the crypto space. With its unique royalty system and dynamic Master wallet status, Slopy aims to provide an exciting and engaging experience for its holders. Join the community and be a part of the revolutionary journey in the crypto meme world!

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